SiDi Ergo 3

SiDi Ergo 3


Such is the state of modern cycling, in-terms of the powerful forces of consumerism  and the endless pace of innovation, that any product is now only current for just one season. Here at we have been using the SiDi Ergo 3’s for most of this year and it seemed an appropriate time, as prices will no doubt fall to clear stock, to let you know what we think about the outgoing top of the range shoe from one of cycling’s most popular and iconic brands.


On arrival these Ergo 3 shoes were white. Very, very white. They literally shone. Everyone commented on their whiteness. Jokes about how long that would last in the British summer were rife. They certainly looked and felt ‘pro’.


So note that fake tan may be the order of the day as these are definitely a shoe better suited to clean shaven, tanned, lean legs rather than pasty, hairy, British winter-white versions! Perhaps its a good job that they come in a wide variety of colours to suit all tastes, though it seems that white shoes are the order of the day for most riders at the moment.


The upper material is a mix of high tech vernice leather, designed to better withstand the worst of the elements,



SiDi Ergo 3: still look good after a year of abuse


the more traditional nylon mesh, and tough plastic, which is used for reinforcement where necessary on the heel cup and to receive some of the fastenings.


After the worst that the British racing season can throw at these shoes the vernice leather is still in very good condition, and is relatively easy to wipe clean. Its use is a major plus in the likely longevity of these shoes. The plastic is still white, and again is easy to keep clean, whilst the mesh is




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