SiDi Ergo 3

SiDi Ergo 3


SiDi Ergo 3 Shoes


SiDi are arguably the most famous of all cycle shoe manufacturers. For just one year the SiDi Ergo 3 was the Italian company’s top of the range shoe but such is the pace of modern product development that SiDi have launched a new, lighter top end shoe, the SiDi Wire Vent Carbon, as ridden by the all conquering super-Slovak, Peter Sagan…


The new SiDi Wire incorporates a different upper fitted with two tecno 3 wire closures – interestingly a not dissimilar set-up to that first employed by SiDi over 10 years ago, albeit with two tecno 2 fasteners and a ratchet strap – mounted onto the same Vent carbon sole.


This revised fastening is therefore the main change from the ratchet, tecno 2 and traditional velcro fastening on the SiDi Ergo 3 shoes, that we are reviewing here…(continued on page 2) >



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