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Production (UK)

For editorial submissions please contact Paul Hopkins, Production Editor, email paul@handsling.com



Technical (Bermuda)


Contact for anything technical please contact Hanni Ali by email hanni@handsling.com



Commercial/Editorial (UK)


Contact for editorial contributions, product reviews or content partnerships, or for advertising or commercial partnerships please contact Simon Whiten on 07968 699848


email simon@handsling.com  or skype: simon.whiten



Contributors (UK):

Contact Mark Tearle email mark.tearle@handsling.com
Contact Rob Allen email rob.allen@handsling.com
Contact Alan Dorrington email alan.dorrington@handsling.com
Contact Gary Schroeder email gary.schroeder@handsling.com
Contact Matt Wallis email matt.wallis@handsling.com
Contact Simon Tuck email simon.tuck@handsling.com
Contact Myles Warwood email myles.warwood@handsling.com
Contact Neil Smith email neil.smith@handsling.com

Contributors (USA):


Contact Dan Saunders (Portland, Oregon) email dan.saunders@handsling.com


Contact Josh Ross (Portland, Oregon) email josh.ross@handsling.com


Contact Yuri Gonzaga (San Francisco, California) email yuri.gonzaga@handsling.com
Contributors (Australia):


Contact Adrian Rollins email adrian.rollins@handsling.com
Contact James Raison email james.raison@handsling.com
Contributors (Spain):


Contact Robert Vokes email robert.vokes@handsling.com

Other contributors include Peter Cole, Vince Halpern, Jordan Gibbons, Josh Cole-Hossain, Gary Stanesby, Ed Owen, Paul Pickup, Guy Apter, Mike Walden and Jose Soler.


For more information please visit Handsling.com


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