SiDi Ergo 3

SiDi Ergo 3


some reason, SiDi do not offer the Ergo 3 in these larger, Mega sizes, so you would have to settle for the Genius or another model. Most sources seem to advocate speccing a size larger than normal when buying SiDis and as to prove the point these size 43 SiDi’s are about the same length as my 42 Northwave shoes but note that the carbon sole is fractionally narrower.


After using SiDi’s throughout the 90’s and never having had any issues with them, I determined that the superb comfort and reliable mating to the bike was everything you could ever want from a cycling shoe. Often when tempted away from SiDis by sponsorship deals or clever marketing I would regret it. However, recently other manufacturers have upped their games to match SiDi quality and this last year represented my return to SiDis after quite a few years of racing in other brands’ shoes, most of which were also excellent shoes.


The only down side of SiDi is that they are a bit slow to keep up with the trends in shoe manufacture.


For instance, they stuck with plastic soles when everyone else went full carbon and even when SiDi decided to go carbon they used a small carbon insert as opposed to a full sole.


However, this is also the great thing about SiDi, as they build a shoe not a marketing strategy. Everything is race proven and they won’t change something for the sake of it. So you can guarantee that the new shoe worn by Super-Sagan may be better but it is a refinement rather than a revolution. After all it still has the same Vent carbon sole of the Ergo 3. Which is all great news for us everyday cyclists, as the Ergo 3 really still represents the pinnacle of SiDi shoe manufacture, but will now be available at reduced prices to make way for the new arrival.


So if you don’t have to have the latest innovation on the market, but do expect to have the most comfortable, best quality product on the market, you cannot go far wrong with the SiDi Ergo 3. It is of the highest quality, is technologically advanced enough and comes highly recommended.



There is some minor wear to unprotected front of Ergo 3’s carbon sole

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