SiDi Ergo 3

SiDi Ergo 3


research suggests that there is no power loss as a consequence of this but considerable gain in long-term foot comfort. These shoes definitely are very comfortable but whether that is down to the sole I cannot say for sure.


The sole’s ‘Vent’ name comes from the fact that it has a nifty red plastic covered vent in the toe with an exhaust port in the mid-sole designed to keep your feet cool in summer. I have to admit to not having these open much at all this year, though that says more about the quality of our summer as opposed to the usefulness of this feature. The last time I used them open was in March, in Majorca…enough said. Anyway I can vouch from that particular training camp that they work well providing a nice cool breeze to the hot sweaty feet you get in places like Majorca.


All new shoes take a while to bed in but its no wonder people call SiDi’s cycling slippers as they were comfortable immediately. I have been really impressed with the fit and the adjustability of the Ergo 3 shoe and if this is an important factor for you then you will love these shoes.


The amount of adjustability that the shoes have is huge with no less than four different closure systems. One of my team mates, upon getting his new SiDi’s, came out with a classic comment, “As if I need 4 different ways to adjust a shoe”, but he hasn’t



complained since. Like me he soon found that each one does its job to perfection and allows you to adjust the fit quickly on the move. No wonder this shoe is so popular with the pros, as this adjustability on the move must be a real boon for those who cycle huge distances in training and racing.


The main closure nearest the leg, is the Sidi Soft Instep Closure System and works well, as you’d expect for, arguably the most important strap, being very similar in design to that used by most

Mesh not quite as white after a British summer but shoe still looks good


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