SiDi Ergo 3

SiDi Ergo 3



shoes on the market. It is pretty much unchanged in function from the first micro-lock system developed in way back in 1989 with riders such as Maurizio Fondriest, Laurent Fignon and Sean Kelly, but now offers even more ‘micro’ adjustment. It is definitely a comfortably padded strap, and is very quick and easy to adjust in the build up to a sprint. It can easily be released again if needed after you’ve recovered and passed the finish line.


Head towards the toes and you get a single Tecno II buckle, which I first used in 1999 when my SiDis sported a pair of these on the Energy model. Interestingly such is the quality of SiDis that I gave that pair of shoes to my brother and up until a couple of years ago he was still using them as his main cycling shoes; 10 years service isn’t bad for a pair of shoes. So SiDi shoes will last especially as all the fastenings and attachments are replaceable if anything wears or is damaged.


The toe strap is a standard velcro number albeit with a very neat added safety ratchet system embedded into it. One has to assume this works; as with most velcro fastenings its held up well to constant usage.
SiDi Ergo 3’s main three fastenings


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SiDi Ergo 3 adjustable heel retention device

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