Fulcrum Racing Quattro Wheels

Fulcrum Racing Quattro Wheels


Superbly finished rim and inner tube bed


version gets MoMag – which involves fitting the nipples into the rim through the rim’s valve hole and then pulling them round into position through the inside of the rim with a magnet, so that it is not necessary to cut any other holes into the rim’s upper bridge, something Fulcrum claim allows them to make a stronger, more resilient rim, which bodes well for reliability and overall wheel-life – the basic ‘road’ Quattro has a standard rim with rim tape.


It does get the clever 2:1 Two-to-One technology at the rear wheel, whereby Fulcrum utilise two spokes on the drive side, laced up as 3-cross, to every one on the non-drive side, laced radially, to combat pedalling forces. Naturally the front wheel is laced radially.


Plus those double butted steel spokes, which obviously have an aero profile, are held tight by Fulcrum’s Anti-Rotation System so that they are always facing the right way to best cut through the air.


Just 16 of those short, stainless steel, straight pull aero spokes are needed up front and only 21 in the rear with anodised red aluminum nipples joining the spokes to the 35mm rim. The spoke tension that Fulcrum have achieved with these wheels is truly impressive, on the rear in particular, no doubt helped by MoMag rims and the 2:1 spoke technology, but also by the rear hub which features a beefy, raised drive side hub flange, called Mega Drive, allowing more equal spoke tension on both sides than is usually possible in a rear wheel.


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Rear hub’s steel cassette body, beefy Mega Drive flange and 2:1 spoke pattern

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