Full Windsor Mudguards

Full Windsor Mudguards


Full Windsor Foldnfix and Quickfix Mudguards


24th October 2012


As the weather deteriorates we are all thinking about winter protection for our bodies and bikes. Some riders swear by mudguards; whereas others swear at them and never bother. Full Windsor Quickfix and Foldnfix mudguards offer an easy fit solution to try and persuade us all that mudguards are the way to go.


The Swedish AssSaver mudguard we looked at recently is a neat little bit of kit for commuting or training ‘emergency’ use. And that’s the drawback; its little. But if made longer, the fold away principle and the recyclable material are of course applicable to better protection from the worst that the road can throw at you. And that’s just what Full Windsor did when designing their own easy-to-fit mudguards.


London based Full Windsor offer two types – The Quickfix and the Foldnfix – that are closer in design to a full length rear mudguard thereby giving better protection to the rider. Whilst not quite as small or stowable as the SmartAss, neither takes up much space and both are still very easy to fit.


The Quickfix uses press studs to snap into place so it is easily removed, whilst the Foldnfix is more permanent by way of being attached by zip ties.


Unfortunately you can’t use either on bikes with a wishbone seatstay, thus limiting the potential market, but aside from that its a great bit of kit.


Here at CycleTechReview.com we see these as ideal for the performance cyclist who can’t be doing with permanent mudguards or for those damp winter days when you want to use your race bike but know you shouldn’t as you are doing a winter series or cyclo-cross race at the weekend…


Here’s how you attach the Quickfix…



And here is the Foldnfix…



The mudguards range in price from £13.49 to £19.99


Full Windsor Mudguards

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