Fulcrum Racing Quattro Wheels

Fulcrum Racing Quattro Wheels


Fulcrum Racing Quattro


Words by Simon Whiten


CycleTechReview.com continue to look at mid-range performance wheels with the Fulcrum Racing Quattro, which is willing to sacrifice the current trend towards lightweight at all costs for a deeper rim in the quest for improved aerodynamics, ride quality and stiffness.


Of course lightweight often means flexible and its stiffness that we favour most in a wheel – there’s nothing worse than brake rub to sap your confidence. Too many wheels nowadays, especially in this mid-range price bracket, sacrifice stiffness in favour of shedding a few grammes in the battle to ‘keep up with the Jones’. With the Fulcrum Racing Quattro wheels, the manufacturers are banking on cyclists buying into the philosophy that its far better to have a stiff, reliable wheel that weighs a little bit extra and is packed with clever technology…


Its an interesting strategy which harks back to the 90’s, when deep section aluminium rims were all the rage and quality was assured by the relatively limited choice of a few large manufacturers. But is it a retrograde step when we are all used to lightweight aluminium wheels? Or will this deeper rim profile appeal to those used to deep section carbon wheels?…(continued on page 2) >











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