Shimano RS80 Wheels

Shimano RS80 Wheels




The set he gave me are nearly three years old now, so have different graphics to the current model, but this particular pair have had little real use in the burgeoning stable of the Editor, being under constant pressure as he is to test something new and differ little from the current RS80 C24 model.


The most notable thing which immediately got my attention was the aluminium rims with a carbon wrap. It sounds trick even if its not neat, as at first glance it does literally look like someone has wrapped ‘black’ all over your rim.


But then as you investigate further, getting up close and personal, you can see that these hoops are, at the rim at least, actually a bit special, even if in the modern world of deep section carbon rims they don’t look all that trick when mounted on your bike. They are subtle and understated.


Whose just wrapped black tape all over my rim then?

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