Ultralite Pedals

Ultralite Pedals


Ultralite Pedals: Ultralite Sports Launches Lightest Bike Pedal on the Market


How light can you go?


Posted 17 September 2012


Words by Paul Horta-Hopkins


Ultralite Sports’ new take on the clipless concept – an improvement? Certainly very light, but stepping in looks “interesting”.


We are certainly fans of lowering rotating weight here at CycleTechReview.com so this new pedal system, due for launch at the Interbike Show in the US this week, caught our eye. Ultralite pedals feature a simple one piece spindle encased by a low profile, frictionless barrel. A second spring-loaded barrel secures the aerodynamic cleat, which is made from lightweight, yet durable CFRP material. The second barrel is available in blue or gold.

Ultralite Cirrus Ti pedal

They certainly look minimalist and very trick but it’s difficult to tell how the entry and exit from Ultralite’s new pedal will feel. It’s a different take on the usual “step-in and click”, but like any new action, we’re sure it’ll be mastered within a few rides.


How to engage pedal



The pedals come in two flavours: Nimbus steel or Cirrus titanium. The Ti version weighs in at a scant 112g, at least 100g lighter than any other pedal system, but comes with the caveat that it is rated for riders under 200lbs (90kg). There are two spring weights, heavy or light, with the heavy springs being earmarked for “heavier riders or stronger, more competitive athletes.” Two cleat options will offer either four degrees of pedal float or a zero float/fixed position.


Former Garmin-Slipstream ProTour rider Will Frischkorn has been testing the Ultralite pedals. “You can’t help but be impressed when you first see and hold the pedals,” he says. “However, it’s the lower rotational weight, the ride quality and the increased power transfer the pedals deliver that really makes them special.”


Can’t “weight” to get your hands on a pair? Well you’ll have to wait, as they won’t be available until November.


Prices: Cirrus Ti $450, Nimbus St $315


Ultralite Sports


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