Shimano RS80 Wheels

Shimano RS80 Wheels


Shimano RS80 Wheels


Is this the ultimate all round set of wheels for the everyday performance cyclist? continues its search for the best value for money road bicycle racing wheels >


I was asked a question recently: “If you had to take just one set of wheels away with you for multi-usage – hilly or flat road racing, time trialling, training, etc – what would it be?”.
At the time it was easy to answer, the standard ‘go to’ pair of wheels were Mavic Ksyriums, the light yet immensely strong and stiff wheelset which retains some aerodynamic properties enabling them to be used for multiple disciplines without losing out too much to more specific wheelsets. 
However, my own set of go to wheels were getting on a bit, being over 6 years old and had had a hard life, so when the rear rim gave up the ghost, it was time to reconsider my options… Read more >












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