BKool Online Training System

BKool Online Training System


BKool Turbo Trainer


Though perhaps not considered ideal, there are times when we all need to use the turbo trainer, especially in the winter; indeed many coaches now advocate all year round turbo use, in a similar way to rowers using the ergo, for intense sessions such as intervals.


Enter BKool, a Spanish company, who have had the clever idea of combining an online, training recording and analysing platform, an outdoor app and a turbo trainer to get you training indoors.


With this combination BKool aims to better integrate the turbo trainer into your training, and offers something new and exciting by allowing you to re-ride outdoor sessions indoors, all the while offering full support in the form of an extensive and infinitely expandable online training resource.


Could this be just what all those coaches have been looking for to get us using the turbo all year round..?(continued on page 2)>


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