Choosing a Turbo Trainer Part 2

Choosing a Turbo Trainer Part 2


Choosing a Turbo Trainer Part 2


By Simon Whiten


Advice on choosing a VR turbo trainer that’s just right for you.


Choosing a Turbo Trainer Part 2 looks at the options available for the ‘hardcore’ indoor cyclist, as this is where the big boys and clever state of the art technology meet, with virtual reality, interactive video and automatically adjusted resistance the norm.


The interactive category of turbo trainer is perfect for you if you use the turbo a lot. If you make sound investments in your indoor equipment you’ll be able to maximise the return from your training, and regular usage is all about motivaton. Interactive turbo trainers that you can hook up to your pc, ride realistic routes or perform structured interval sessions with, are the way forward.


These turbos are ideal for those cyclists who combine training with a hectic lifestyle and have little time for long hours out on the road. You may have already discovered that the turbo can provide an amazing training effect in a relatively short time; there’s certainly no such thing as junk miles on the turbo. Training regularly indoors and doing it all year round, means that it makes sense to get the biggest, baddest turbo trainer there is, something that will truly reward the hours you put in. So let’s see what’s available… Read More >

























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