MagicShine lights in for preview

A preview of a trio of lights from MagicShine.

MagicShine have been producing quality bike lights since 1999, when they produced their first head-torch. In 2008 they produced their first bike light, the MJ-808, which I used and was blown away by their performance. Since then MagicShine have kept developing their products and here we have three of their latest models.

SEEMEE 300 smart tail light

First up is the SEEMEE 300 smart tail light. This 300 lumens lights comes in a tough aluminium body that has a IPX6 waterproof rating. IPX6 means it is protected against “powerful water jets”, so a bit of spray off your rear wheel shouldn’t pose a problem. Two LEDs provide the main lighting duties, coupled with an edge-lit border that also picks up light from the LEDs. Underneath is the Optitracing light, this projects a circle of light around the rider onto the floor: helping to make you stand out on darker roads. Various modes can be accessed via the power button.

The MagicShine SEEMEE 300 rear light
The MagicShine SEEMEE 300 rear light

As well as the usual mix of high/low power and flashing/steady, you also get the smart features. These include a brake option. This detects when you’re slowing down and increases the output: warning others. It can also detect the ambient light levels and adjust the light output as necessary. The 3.7V 1600mAh battery has a claimed run-time of 200 hours, which is pretty impressive. And it will let you know the battery charge level with a coloured power light: green: 21%-100%, red: 11%-20%, flashing red: 1%-10%.

ALLTY 1500 compact front light

Next is the ALLTY 1500 compact front light. MagicShine say the ALLTY 1500 is ideal for both on and off-road, as well as being a day-time running light: DRL. It has a maximum output of 1500 lumens and a run-time of between 2-30 hours for the 500mAh battery. A single high efficiency LED sits below a double horizontal row of LEDs and the lens-cover picks up some of this light and projects it sideways. The water-rating on this light is one up from the SEEMEE 300 at IPX7, this gives it protection against immersion under a metre of water.

The MagicShine ALLTY 1500 front light
The MagicShine ALLTY 1500 front light

Again multiple modes can be accessed via the power button, and a small OLED screen displays power and settings. It comes with a Garmin style mount and four different length of strap, so you can fine-tune the fit. There is also a remote, so if you can’t reach your light you can still operate it from your handlebars.

MagicShine have also sent an updated version of their SEEMEE DV camera tail-light. They have tweaked the software, so that if you do have an accident, it will lock that recording. This will keep it safe and prevent it being accidently wiped. The SEEMEE DV is a rear light with a 1080P/30fps camera recording onto an onboard SD card.

The SEEMEE DV camera light

The 3400mAh battery gives it a claimed run-time of 110 hours. The aluminium housing is robust and gives it an IPX6 water-proof rating.

We’ll be testing these lights out on the roads, so keep an eye out for our full reviews soon. Take a look at the un-boxing below.

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