Shanren Pocket Preview

Shanren Pocket Preview

Shanren Pocket Camera Preview

The Shanren Pocket is a super light camera that we’ll be trying out.

The Shanren Pocket
The Shanren Pocket

Tipping the scales at a hardly noticeable 22 grammes, the Shanren Pocket manages to pack a lot in. There’s a full list available here, but just a few of these include; full HD 1080p/ 30FPS video resolution, 120° wide-angle lens and an hour long recording time.

It comes with four mounting methods; a clip, magnet, a sucker and a viscose pad. There is a picture of a bike specific mount on the website, which I don’t have, but I will see if I can get my hands on! These options and its light weight offer all kinds of mounting methods. Put it on your helmet and you’re not going to notice it.

Shanren Pocket mounting brackets
Shanren Pocket mounting brackets

The Shanren Pocket connects to your phone via WiFi and has four recording modes; camera, video, time-lapse and outdoor selfie. Not sure what the last one is, but it would probably be handy for showing off your rides.

Such a ridiculously light camera should mean that you can record your rides without any weight handicaps. In fact I’ll probably have to be extra careful not to lose it.

A waterproof bike mount is available
A waterproof bike mount is available

Once we have the CV19 all clear, I’ll certainly be taking the Shanren Pocket out on some of my rides and see how it copes. I don’t normally ride with a camera, just my phone, so this will almost certainly be a learning process for me. I’m curious to see which mount gives the best view, on the bike or on me?

It’s tiny!

Also of interest is how easy it is to download the footage after. While the Shanren Pocket has a WiFi connection, it also has a slot for a MicroSD card. Will it be quicker to download over the WiFi connection, or just remove the card. Speaking of the MicroSD card, Shanren recommend a Class 10 card for best performance.

Full details from the Shanren site are below.

Model: SR-CAM10

Communication: Wi-Fi

Battery Life: 60 min

Optional: Class 10 micro sd card up to 32 GB(Sold separately)

Video: FHD 1080p, 30FPS

Camera: 120°wide angle of view

Picture: 8Mege pixels, Time lapse at 1/5/10/30/60 second intervals

Software Support: Android 4.2 or above, ios 7.0 or above

App Support: Shanren Video

Dimension: 42mm x 42mm x 20mm

Weight: 22g

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