Fathers Day gifts for cyclists

18 June is a very important day for us UK dads! Our offspring will be desperately googling “Fathers Day gifts for cyclists”. Here’s some ideas to help them along.

No carbon bikes or wireless groupsets here, let’s dial those expectations down shall we? Instead here’s a selection of Fathers Day gifts for cyclists that shouldn’t put too much strain on the wallet: probably.

Dirty Jerseys

Who doesn’t love a coffee table book? I know we are all wedded to our screens, but sometimes you can’t beat the feel of a book. And when it’s a book about some of the early icons of mountain-biking, then even better. Top cycling photographer Geoff Waugh has put together a collection of photos and stories from the early days of Mtb. Grundig (remember them?) races to week-end warriors, tales of derring-do and jumping over the TdF peloton! If your dad was there – like me – then he’ll love it!

dirty jerseys

Oldtimers Salmiak Klinkers

Klinkers? Salmiak? Where is this link taking us? Oldtimers Salmiak Klinkers are Dutch liquorice sweets in the shape of cobbles. Yes, cobbles you can eat. So when you can’t ride them, just pop one in to waft you back to Flanders fields. A word of warning though, Salmiak Klinkers have a particular taste. Popular in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, they have what’s described as a salty, astringent taste. So maybe a sweet to savour rather than gorge on?


Coffee cups

We all know about the love affair between coffee and cyclists. And if you enjoy your coffee then you’re going to want something nice to drink it from. So head over to the Handmade Cyclist and check out their fine bone china espresso mugs. Sip and savour your espresso from a choice of nineteen different designs. You can choose from classic jersey designs or your favourite climbs. And fear not tea drinkers, you haven’t been forgotten. You can get the same designs to contain your morning brew as well as two tin mugs for you gravel riders.

Coffee cups

Cinelli Cycling Caps

For ultimate retro cycling style you can’t beat a cycling cap. No baseball caps here, just proper light-weight cotton caps. From the days before helmets, we would wear them like our heroes: perched high on the head, defying wind and gravity. And while many clubs had their own caps in club-colours, we all wanted a Cinelli cap. So make your dad happy, get him a Cinelli cycling cap!

Cinelli cycling caps

Peloton Hand Painted Cyclists

This is one that I hope my kids see! My father had a set of cycling figures back in the ’70s. The riders were made from rubber and the bikes were die-cast metal. The set came with team cars, motor-bikes and camera-men. My brothers and I used to play with them on the kitchen table, recreating races. And now your dad can too! While the originals went out of production sometime in the ’80s, here they are back. Handpainted in modern or retro jerseys, you can also accessorise with, cars, motorbikes, even safety-barriers. And if you really want to impress your dad, there’s a custom option: you could have a mini-dad on your mantlepiece!

Cycling figures

Vélo-Rétro Vintage-Style Musettes

And if you’re lucky enough to receive some of the above, perhaps you’ll get a musette to carry them home? Vélo-Rétro have re-created these musettes from an original 1960s Italian bag. Made from bleached, light-weight cotton, the musette measures 10×14.5″, with a 402 cotton shoulder strap and a chrome button snap. Get rid of your man-bag and replace it with a musette!


So there you go, you’ve got no excuse now for forgetting Fathers Day. Of course if you really loved him, you’d go out for a ride with him, let him sit on your wheel and pay for the coffee stop.

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