SEEMEE DV Camera Tail-light preview

We have a SEEMEE DV Camera Tail-light in for review, while we do that, here’s the details.

The SEEMEE DV Camera Tail-light is a digital-camera and rear light combined. Why? Well the first part is easy to answer. If you’re riding at night a tail-light is a necessity once it gets dark. However a lot of riders are now riding with lights during the daytime as well. With in-car distractions getting worse, anything that makes you easier to be seen has got to be a good thing. And why a video camera? Well if the worse should happen and you are involved in an accident, having a record of what happened can be important.

SEEMEE DV Camera box contents
The SEEMEE DV Camera

So Magicshine have created a rear light that incorporates a camera, something that is becoming common. Unlike a regular camera that will record images until it fills its memory card, these evidential cameras record on a loop of varying lengths. Once the time limit is reached, the recording loops back to the beginning and goes over what has been previously recorded. This means you only need a small amount of memory and makes it easier to find the images you need. Sensors inside the camera detect when an incident occurs and lock the recording.

SEEMEE DV Camera features

Max Output30 lumens
Light SourceTaillight: ZJJM0201HR LEDs
DV indicator light: 1515 RGB
HD Camera1080P / 30fps
Lens Angle146°
Max Runtime110 hours
Waterproof RateIPX6
Charging Time4.5 hours (5V, 1A)
Battery Source3.7V 3400mAh
Weight3.53 oz / 100g
Dimensions3.78 in * 1.26 in * 1.26 in
(96 mm * 32 mm * 32 mm)
MaterialAluminum + Plastic
Mounting SystemQuick release mount

All the settings for the SEEMEE DV Camera can be accessed via its App. Here you can access your footage, share videos, or customise camera settings such as sensor sensitivity. Using the App you can set the level at which the camera will stop and lock the recording after an incident.

The aluminium body has an IPX6 rating, what that actually means is detailed below:

6Powerful water jetsWater projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm (0.49 in)) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.Test duration: 1 minute per square meter for at least 3 minutesWater volume: 100 liters per minute (0.37 impgal/s) Pressure: 100 kPa (15 psi) at distance of 3 meters (9.8 ft)

On top of the SEEMEE DV Camera are two switches, one for the light and one for camera recording. You can swap between four light modes and check how much charge you have via the power button. The camera button lights up to show you what it’s doing and you can also use it to take still images.

Light modes and run times

DV ON RUNTIME10h8.5h9h10h
DV OFF RUNTIME35h12h70h110h

We’ll be taking the SEEMEE DV Camera out on our rides and see how it fares on our Sussex lanes. Take a look at the camera on their website and while you’re there check out Magicshine’s impressive range of lights. Magicshine have been making lights for cycling for over twenty-three years and have won many awards for their innovative products.

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