SRAM Apex goes wireless

SRAM’s fourth tier Apex groupset has made the jump to 12-speed wireless electronic shifting. 

The 1x only groupset is now offered as Apex AXS with the wireless gear change found on higher-end SRAM packages. It will also be available with 12-speed mechanical shifting.

SRAM Apex now available with wireless shifting
SRAM Apex now available with wireless shifting

The XPLR wide-range configurations include 10-36T, 10-44t and 11-44t cassettes, while an option to fit new Eagle AXS allows 10-50t, 11-50t and 10-52 for wider gear range off-road. 

Apex has had to wait for the AXS e-Tap introduced on the Rival, Force and Red groupsets to trickle down. The move is further proof that electronic shifting is becoming the norm in cycling and available at ever-lower price points. 

New Apex features revised ergonomics and hood shape, mimicking those found on Force and Rival AXS (although materials are different). A spindle-based power meter upgrade option is available in the aftermarket. For those new to SRAM AXS shifting, one paddle is used to go to an easier gear, and one to go harder. The hoods are powered by coin cell batteries. 

Many aspects of the higher end groupsets pass to SRAM Apex Mechanical, including 12-speed technology and the same hydraulic braking platform. The 1x drivetrain features a wide-range cassette, chain retention technology, and updated ergonomics. Double Tap shifting means a single lever takes care of all gear changes. 

SRAM Apex Mechanical keeps it simple
SRAM Apex Mechanical keeps it simple for those that prefer cable actuated shifting

Unlike the high-end SRAM groupsets, Apex comes with flat bar options in both mechanical or electronic guises. It will feature S-300 disc brakes and Eagle shifters for all builds: trigger, Gripshift or AXS controller. 


A 12-speed 11-44T cassette fits on a traditional 11-speed driver body and is compatible with Flattop chains. Cog sizes are 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24, 28,32, 38, 44


The Apex 1 Wide crankset features aluminium crankarms, a DUB spindle, and wide-tooth narrow-tooth direct-mount X-SYNC chainrings. The wide chainline accommodates chunky gravel tyres. A longer DUB crank spindle accommodates both Road and MTB width frame bottom bracket standards for cross-compatibility across brands. Compatibility is with 135mm, 142mm and Boost rear spacing


A Flattop 12-speed chain uses the same construction as the Rival and Force chains, with a polished grey finish.

Apex XPLR AXS Rear derailleur:

1x specific and fitting wide-range XPLR cassettes with 36T or 44T large cogs. It incorporates a spring clutch for chain management on or off-road. 

X1 Eagle AXS Rear Derailleur:

Aimed at gravel and mountain bike use and compatible with Eagle 50T or 52T cassettes. 

Stay tuned for a product review and our verdict on whether it matches up to the quality of the more expensive SRAM groupsets. Retail availability is earmarked for this month for Apex AS and September 2023 for Apex Mechanical. Take a look at the SRAM Apex homepage for more details.

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