Obsydian Invictus Review

Obsydian Invictus Review


Obsydian Invictus Review


Gary Stanesby


Review of the aluminium framed Obsydian Invictus


When I first got the email about the Obsydian Invictus bike test, I was really excited. It was highlighted that this was a bike specifically designed for heavier riders, with maximum stiffness at the heart of this true thoroughbred.


It also held the banner of being ‘designed for life’ and when looking into this further on their website, it described ‘life being tough’ and the same applying to your bike; with this in mind Obsydian offer a lifetime warranty on the frame which for an alloy frame is quite rare!


Their first design principle is related to the real-world phenomena of the heavier rider of 110kg plus, who wishes to race or hold a good chance of keeping up with the pack on Sunday rides sprints, so this bike truly sounds right up my street, as I currently weigh 98 kg. Interestingly the frame still weighs in at less than 1.5 kg, which in this price bracket is very credible indeed.


Throughout my last 20 years of cycling I’ve always owned or been in possession of an alloy bike, be it race, cyclocross, mountain bike or fixie! So all in all I feel pretty qualified to take on this test… Read More >




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