Planet X Microfiber Anti-Shock Tape

Planet X Microfiber Anti-Shock Tape


Planet X Microfiber Anti-Shock Tape


Josh Ross


Review of the Planet X Microfiber Anti-Shock Tape


I go through a lot of bar tape. It all started when I was a totally green cyclist, and I did one of my first triathlons. At some point, my bike must have been knocked over while in the transition area. I didn’t notice until after the race, but I had a pretty good gouge on my brake lever, and the bar tape was ripped.


I watched videos. Then I stressed about what color to use and if I was going to be able to do the wrapping myself. Of course, it was really easy, and I liked picking a new color and style of tape. Since then, it’s just one of those meditations I sometimes do in the local bike shop. I walk around checking out all the bar tape they have and feeling the various textures.
Planet X Microfiber Anti-Shock Tape

These days I like to run white tape and I like it to be white, really white. Not only do I hate dirty bar tape, but I’m always looking for the magic sauce that makes bar tape feel the way it does on a brand new bike. I might not be able to justify the cost of whatever new carbon piece or slightly lighter wheel, but for $20, I feel good about the bike, and I figure it’s not a big deal to switch out the bar tape a few times a year. Yes, $20, that is my limit on the price of bar tape.
Sorry Lizard Skins, I’ve heard you are amazing but $40 is a no go for me on something I think should be completely disposable.
Planet X Microfiber Anti-Shock Tape
Early last year, when I needed to re-wrap my wifes Trek 5.0, I decided I liked the way the Bontrager tape felt, and I grabbed a new roll for her, plus a roll for me. The Bontrager tape was nice enough but not really any different than the basic cushioned synthetic cork I’d tried before.

Then I noticed a friend of mine had Planet X bar tape on his bike. It looked great, so I asked him about it. Turns out it’s only $15 and it comes in white, with a bit of red showing through, or black, with a bit of white showing through, so I grabbed a roll in white. I don’t see myself going back to any of the cork type things, like the Bontrager, anytime soon!
Planet X Microfiber Anti-Shock Tape
The planet X tape feels a bit like leather, and it looks great on the bike. I typically ride without gloves, and it’s plenty grippy in all but the most extreme downpour or on the rollers with no fan. Even in those situations, it’s no worse than other tapes I’ve used.
Aside from grip, it’s also easier to clean and a bit unique compared to what most people have. If it was up to me, the white tape would have black, not red, contrast, but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s the best tape I’ve ever used and probably the cheapest.
Planet X Microfiber Anti-Shock Tape
I should also note that because it’s a bit thicker with less flexibility and stretch, plus the added challenge of needing to have the pores aligned, it was absolutely the toughest tape I’d ever wrapped. I’m not kidding when I say that I probably re-wrapped the first side 10 times. But the sticky backing had no issues with coming off and going back on, and I did eventually get it
just the way I wanted it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!
I’d also suggest the bar ends that have the screw in them because, again, it’s thicker and less stretchy and bendable than most tapes.
RRP £12.99/$14.99

Planet-X USA
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