Giant TCR Advanced SL Review

Giant TCR Advanced SL Review


Giant TCR Advanced SL


If you can ride like a pro and it’s stiff you want then this may be the answer. For all its many qualities, the Giant TCR Advanced SL is a bike that, as the Taiwanese company’s top of the range machine, is designed to meet the exacting needs of some of the worlds best pro cyclists, and there’s one thing that they want from a frame above all else…


And so if there’s one property that the Giant TCR Advanced SL doesn’t lack, it’s stiffness. And nor should it; the bike does, after all, feature an array of technologies designed to enhance frame and fork stiffness where it is wanted.


So confident are they with this frame’s stiffness that you can see the actual data released by Giant in our recent article on carbon frame stiffness.


And where its not wanted? Well, there’s always ‘Compact Road Design’ to take care of the excess…(continued on page 2) >


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