Sombra – The Lampshade For Your Bicycle Tail-light

Sombra – The Lampshade For Your Bicycle Tail-light


Sombra – The Lampshade For Your Bicycle Tail-light


Andrew Crimp


The Lampshade For Your Bicycle


Offer Canfi is the designer of this ‘lampshade’. In the video he explains that he never used lights on his bicycle until he moved to London and whilst pondering on how to improve on high intensity LED lights, sitting there in his livingroom, he was hit by a brainwave. Inspiration struck as he stared at his lamp, and more importantly, its shade…


Offer noticed that the shade diffused the light and applied this concept to a bicycle light. The result is that he has created a back light with all the visibility of a ‘standard’ light but with none of the ‘glare’. The next day he set about looking for some anti-glare lights and found that there weren’t any. Thus the Sombra Lampshade was born.


Time consuming…


I think Offer should probably work a little on the fitting process… Most accessories for one’s bike can be fitted in less than a minute. Having to take your saddle off and then the bolt seems an overly laborious and taxing proposition to me. Other than that I think it is a fine innovation, so I will let Offer illuminate (sorry) you further in the video clip below…



When all is said a done the Sombra Lampshade is good piece of kit. LEDs as we all know can be too bright sometimes and any invention that retains a light’s high visibility whilst restraining potentially hazardous glare can only be a good thing.


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Indiegogo crowd-funding: Sombra Lamp Shade


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