Kinethic Gravel Bike

Kinethic Gravel Bike


Kinethic Gravel Bike


Robert Vokes


The Kinethic Gravel Bike project


Gravel bikes are all the rage in certain places and even if you don’t have loads of gravel tracks where you live, this genre makes a good all-round, do-it-all bike. The Spanish hinterland is one place where there are plenty of unpaved roads so a gravel bike is the ideal steed…


I’ve been working with a small Spanish company called Kinethic, building up what we think is the first custom built gravel bike in Spain; it’s not just a cx bike…


We have miles and miles of good gravel tracks around Tarrega, where I live for part of the year.


The Gravel bike is a bit of a prototype. It isn’t the fully finished frame, as we will have to do some slight geometry changes, and a few other tweaks, before its perfect… Read More >


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