Sabbath Silk Road Review

Sabbath Silk Road Review


Sabbath Silk Road


Words by Tim Granshaw


If your bike has integrated fender mounts it’s going to turn like a pig on roller skates. Fender mounts mean handlebars up around the chin, a top tube 4 centimeters shorter than the seat tube, and a wheel base like a recumbent. At least, that was a time-tested prejudice I’d formed over 25 years of racing and riding. When the Sabbath Silk Road arrived at CycleTechReview headquarters with subtle but clearly visible fender mounts, I hoped for the best but expected the worst. It only took one ride on this titanium sportive bike to change my mind.


Sabbath Bicycles specialise in titanium road frames, offering a number of frame options in three different market segments. The Silk Road is part of the Sportive line, which also includes the Aspire, September, and Silk Route offerings. Compared to one of Sabbath’s racing models, the Monday’s Child, our test bike, a medium, is slightly shorter with a 55 centimeter top tube, incorporates a 1 centimeter longer head tube, and a slightly steeper seat tube. This results in a slightly taller, more upright riding position targeting riders who prefer a more relaxed, less aggressive position. This position is great for older riders, those new to riding, those slightly heavier than their ideal weight, and those who ride in more varied conditions. For those with a couple of extra pounds to burn, Sabbath also offers titanium skewers and a titanium seatpost… Read More >


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