Sabbath Mondays Child Review

Sabbath Mondays Child Review


Sabbath Mondays Child Review


Words by Tim Granshaw


The tarmac was warm on my skin and I squinted under the bright sun; it was an unusual late-September day in England. “Is my bike okay?”, a bike racing truism; if you ask about your bike, then you aren’t that bad off. My face hurt, but all body parts were still where I expected them to be. I glanced at the van I’d just sideswiped and dazed, wandered over to the Sabbath Mondays Child laying on the pavement. Shifters not so good, front wheel done… the list went on. But the frame of the Sabbath Mondays Child?


The frame was fine. It was straight, no dents, only the replaceable rear derailleur hanger looked worse for wear. Carbon might be lighter and steel has an old-school rep, but nothing beats titanium for tough. As Andrew, the owner of Sabbath said when I told him the bad news “If it has any scratches, we can just buff them right out”. That’s one check next to ‘durability’, but how about ‘performance’ and ‘comfort’? Read on to find out… Read More >


















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