Fulcrum XLR Red Wind Dark Label

Fulcrum XLR Red Wind Dark Label


Fulcrum XLR Red Wind Dark Label


Words by Tim Granshaw


July 2013


Deep carbon racing wheels seem to be a dime-a-dozen. It can be hard to distinguish one set from another because many of the wheels are superficially identical minus their decals. Fulcrum have taken a different direction with their new Fulcrum XLR Red Wind Dark Label clincher wheelset. Do these design and build differences warrant your consideration when choosing a new racing and training wheelset?


As we’ve covered in previous reviews of Fulcrum wheelsets, Fulcrum is a sister company of Campagnolo that targets the Shimano and SRAM wheel aftermarket. This relationship shows in two areas: 1) similar construction between Fulcrum and Campagnolo wheelsets and 2) Campagnolo’s well-known attention to detail and build quality shines through in the Fulcrum line.


Like their sibling, the Campagnolo Bullet 50, the Fulcrum uses a composite carbon construction on an aluminium rim. Similar to other clincher wheels on the market, this ensures a consistent braking response with standard brake pads in all conditions, but adds some weight compared to similarly priced carbon wheels… Read More >






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