Canyon Ultimate CF SLX

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX


20th November 2012


The German manufacturer recently launched an updated version of their Canyon Ultimate CF SLX frame which has become a more common sight in British road racing, thanks to Canyon’s clever direct sales strategy and keen pricing.


Canyon frames have been ridden by the pros extensively, most recently under the Katusha Team, which means they are ‘proven’ as far as many are concerned, so the chance to spec everything to fit the frame via Canyon’s easy to use website and build your dream bike at a price that other manufacturers can only dream about, is an opportunity too good to miss.


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 2013 Katusha Team Training


This new frame is something special though and is completely new not just an update. It is very light at just 790g. The new tubes are slimmer and more streamlined than the out-going model, and internal cable routing adds to this slimline effect. A press fit bottom bracket replaces the old frame’s threaded version and sports fully carbon bearing seats. Asymmetric chainstays handle the power at the rear, whilst a new lighter, stiffer, yet more comfortable carbon fork – called the One One Four SLX racing fork no less – fits into the 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 inch steerer tube and keeps you pointed in the right direction up front. The basic frame price includes a Ritchey stem and the clever Acros i-lock headset, plus you get Canyon’s super comfy VCLS, carbon-basalt, seatpost.


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 2013 bike and rider


There are separate mechanical and electronic gear specific frames. The new Canyon Ultimate CF SLX is yours for £1619-00 which does seem to represent very good value. However, this is not the real reason for this article, as lets face it nice though it is and as much as we’d love one, there are a lot of nice bikes out there that we could all buy. There are also more and more race bikes available at reasonable prices, as carbon becomes more widely available and manufacturers compete ever more fiercely for your custom. Plus there are also more and more companies that offer the direct sales approach, such as Canyon’s fellow German bike builder, Stevens.


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 2013 CT scanner


No, the real reason for drawing your attention to Canyon, is that they have achieved a bit of a bike industry coup, as they are the first company (as far as we know) to use a CT scanner whereby computer processed x-ray images are used to build up a 3-D image of the frame, and use that information to make performance enhancing changes.


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX  x-ray


The CT scanner is employed in both the frame development phase to look for possible improvements that would have required destructive testing previously, and in ensuring quality control by doing random sampling of their production batches. It makes a lot of sense.


The video conveys typical German practicality and engineering excellence; for any prospective Canyon owner, this has to be a real benefit, offering reassurance, if not about your own particular frame, then at least as to the quality of the design of that frame. This is further reinforced when you see the rigorous testing that they carry out on their frames. Its all pretty impressive stuff and is behind Canyon’s 6 year frame guarantee.


2013 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX



Canyon Technology – CT scanner




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