Canyon Bicycles

Canyon Bicycles


Canyon Bicycles


Canyon Bicycles have built up a great reputation among pro and amateur racers, and stand apart by selling their innovative products direct to the masses. We take a look at some of what they have to offer.


If Roman Arnold had had a little patience, Canyon bikes would have never been born; on a family holiday to Italy, young Roman had been smitten by the buzzing of a moped but was told by his father that he would have to wait until next year. So instead Roman turned to that other Italian, two-wheeled obsession, the bicycle.


Returning to his hometown of Koblenz, Roman began racing and his father would accompany him. Having been to Italy and witnessed the quality of bicycles available there, the Arnolds were less than impressed by what was on offer in their hometown.


So they began buying Italian cycling equipment and selling it out of a trailer at the races they were attending. Word got around that the Arnolds were the ones to go to. Soon the trailer became a garage, the garage a shop – Radsport Arnold – and the shop became ‘Canyon.home’, a massive everything under one roof home.


Jump forward 25 years and Canyon Bicycles are now manufacturers selling their unique frames direct to the public. Using the direct selling method they developed in their early days, Canyon are able to cut out the middle man and offer savings to cyclists. This method also allows customers a direct connection to the manufacturer rather than through distributors or importers… (continued on page 2)>


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