Canyon Ultimate CF SLX

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Review


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Review


Words by Vince Halpern


Recently in our initial look article and then in our Preview article, we went over the technical aspects of the 2013 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX frame; but obviously what we all wanted to know is what is it actually like to ride? Canyon promise all things to all men; a lightweight and stiff frame with a comfortable, mile crunching ride. Above all we are assured a racing thoroughbred, so to start off we gave it to one of our ‘tame racing cyclists’; then to another one…


The Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 7.0 is a stunner but in a very German way, all subtle and stealthy, with just a hint of fire from its red inner fork legs and rear triangle, and the ‘under-downtube’ graphics. Despite only wearing Ultegra kit, it certainly got admiring glances from the other riders at a local race, as by chance, the day I picked it up happened to be that of my weekly, local crit at the Hillingdon circuit in West London; a perfect opportunity to put the Ultimate through its paces and finally get to the bottom of why so many people rave about this bike… Read More >
















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Simon Whiten (London and Northumberland, UK) has been riding for over 20 years and raced the road and the track extensively in the UK and Europe. He is obsessed with the turbo trainer and the ‘shortcut to race fitness’.

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