Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer Preview

Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer Preview

We’ve been sent the Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer to try out, here’s a quick preview before setting it up in the garage.

The Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer is the most affordable direct drive smart trainer in Tacx’s line-up. Beneath it is the Flow wheel-on trainer, while above is the Flux 2. For those new to indoor training turbos – as we call them in the UK – fall in to two broad categories, wheel-on and direct drive. With wheel-on trainers your rear wheel sits on a roller and drives it round. With a direct drive you remove your rear wheel and replace it with the trainer.

Tacx have five model in their smart trainer range starting with the Flow at £269 and finishing with the Neo Bike at £2999. A quick look online will show the Tacx FLUX S sits around the £500 mark, making it an affordable direct drive choice.

FLUX S Specs

Weighing in at 22.8kg – 7kg of which is flywheel – it has a footprint of 670 x 642 mm and is 460mm high.

The flywheel has eight permanent ferrite magnets and eight electromagnets. This can simulate a 10% climb and deal with your 1500 watt sprints. Accuracy is 3% and it outputs speed, power and cadence data via Ant+ and Bluetooth.

You’ll need to supply your own cassette, which can be Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo and it comes with 142x12mm and 148x12mm thru axles.

The Tacx FLUX S direct drive smart trainer

As well as connecting to all the usual training apps, Tacx have their own trainer software. This comes with real world video rides from all over the world, that can be ridden solo or live with other riders. Tacx have combined some of these videos into themed challenges. Complete the challenge within a set time and receive an embroidered badge, nice! There are also more traditional erg style sessions, for those that need no visual stimulation.

Tacx training app
The Tacx training app

With winter finally here and lockdowns and isolation still messing with my winter riding, the FLUX S is a welcome addition. While my garage looks nothing like the wonderful environments featured in the ads, there’s room – just – to fit the FLUX S. Look out for my review soon and take a look at Tacx’s full range of trainers here.

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