Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet – for all your essentials

Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet – for all your essentials

The Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet combines protection for the huge new smart phones we are carrying around, with plenty of space for all those other ride essentials.

I recently upgraded to one of these monster phones; great for viewing, but they are BIG! I carry my phone with me at all times, especially on rides. Partly for ride safety or emergencies and partly so that my family can ask me irritating questions when I’m halfway up a hill!

Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet
The Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet

The reason that I upgraded was after I drowned my last phone while riding. Working as a ride guide sometimes means having to spend all day in the rain. And when you forget to close your rear jacket pocket after making a call to check where all your clients are; well rain and phones don’t mix well.

Giant phone will fit into the Cycling Wallet

Handily Craft Cadence have sent me their Cycling Wallet to try out, so my new phone should be safe. Constructed from 600D polyester coated with TPU, with seamless welded joins and a YKK zipper, the Cycling Wallet measures 19cm x 10cm x 2.8cm.

Inside there are loads of storage options. The main phone pocket has a soft fleecy lining to one side to prevent scratches. On top of the phone pocket are a zipped mesh pocket and three credit card holders. The other side has a clip for your keys, another mesh pocket, a plain pocket above that and two elastic straps; so plenty of options.

How big?

My Samsung A71 measures 167mmx93mm in its protective case. It fits easily into the Cycling Wallet, with room to add whatever you consider essential for your ride. For me this tends to be some cash, a card, house keys, tyre levers and tyre patches. I have managed to squeeze a multi-tool and inner tube in there as well, but that makes it a little too bulky and those last items won’t be hurt by some rain.

A little overloaded perhaps?

Of course having your phone in the Cycling Wallet means you won’t be able to access it as quickly; no more on-bike selfies! But I can confirm it will protect it on muddy off-road rides. After a couple of hours of rain and mud, my belongings were safe and sound.

I think the wallet would be perfect for rides abroad, where you need to carry extra ID, maybe a hotel key card and strange and colourful foreign currency! And if mask wearing continues to be a thing we have to keep doing, then keeping one inside for your cafe stop makes sense.

The Cycling Wallet is designed to fit in a jersey pocket

So the Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet, it’s tough and waterproof. It will keep your essentials safe and dry and all in one place. That last one is handy if, like me, you often forget stuff when rushing out the door. Having the Cycling Wallet pre-packed, with just your phone and keys to add, makes for one less thing to worry about.

Check out the Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet

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