PH Apparel S Gloves with Elastic Interface® palm

PH Apparel S Gloves with Elastic Interface® palm

Dave Peart takes a look at a pair of PH Apparel S Gloves with an Elastic Interface® palm.

Elastic Interface® has developed a pad for cycling gloves that is seamless (i.e. no stitching to cause irritation to the hands) and with a three dimensional profile aligned to the anatomy of the hand (to distribute pressure and improve comfort).

The palm interfaces are used by a number of glove manufacturers for the following products:

PH Apparel S Gloves

In Use

So far, I have used the gloves for two months (the temperature in the UK has now dropped too low for me to ride in short-fingered gloves).

The gloves have performed faultlessly, my longest ride in the gloves was a 185km sportive where I experienced no issues with either the gloves themselves or my hands – no chafing, no hot-spots, no tingling – in summary a brilliant performance.

The backing of the gloves is made from an elastic material, which avoids the need for an additional fastening mechanism (i.e. no Velcro or press-stud straps). Putting the gloves on is very straightforward with minimal effort. The gloves also remove easily (there is a small tag in between the middle fingers to aid removal) and without having to turn them inside out. Also, there is no inner liner material to become tangled.

Also for the weight weenies, on the scales, the gloves weigh a mere 29g.


My overall score for the gloves is 10/10.

Technical Information

The following information has been provided by Elastic Interface®:

Protection is what has always inspired Elastic Interface®. But what does this concept mean for a cycling glove?

Cyclists have complained about discomfort while holding handlebars due to tingling and soreness. This kind of discomfort leads to reduced focus and performance for the rider, so here is when the Elastic Interface® Palm Technology comes into play.

The Elastic Interface® Palm respects the anatomy of the hand, improving blood flow and relieving pressure from the ulnar nerve. Its three-dimensional design is developed according to anthropometrical parameters, and with the support of the University of Padua (Department of Biomedical Sciences). Paddings placed between the bike and the hand, then, help to absorb energy that comes from a firm hold on the handlebars.

DESIGN: Design developed according to anthropometrical parameters for reduced tingling, improved blood flow and comfort. Reinforced C-insert between the thumb and the index finger.

ELASTIC: The EIT Palm is the first elastic palm made for cycling gloves. This feature helps to give a new experience on the fitting of cycling gloves. The elasticity also helps to reduce in-between finger chafing and cuts.

THREE-DIMENSIONAL: The EIT Palm is shaped with the multidirectional curvature, a construction technology developed by Elastic Interface®. Through the use of this technique, products are pre-shaped and anatomic.

SEAMLESS: The Elastic Interface® Palm is thermo-molded, which means that materials are assembled through the use of heat, molds and counter-molds. This construction provides protections that have no stitching in the Palm area in contact with the handlebars.

MATERIALS: Top-quality, perforated foams that are breathable and protective. Increased moisture management thanks to the additional perforations on the top fabric.

Take a look at the PH Apparel website.

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