The Alé VELOCITY G+ Jersey; a cool choice for hot rides

The Alé VELOCITY G+ Jersey; a cool choice for hot rides

The Alé VELOCITY G+ Jersey is a short sleeved jersey for fast summer rides. And when I say fast, I mean flat out, every second counts. And when I say summer, I mean scorchio!

Riding a covid shortened CX Century, the Alé VELOCITY G+ Jersey was exactly what was needed. The CX Century this year was a 100 kilometre – not the usual 100 mile – gravel event, run off on one of the hottest days of the year; it always is! This year we had temperatures of 38 degrees C and I suffered.

VELOCITY G+ colours
The VELOCITY G+ jersey comes in three colours

Alé’s VELOCITY G+ Jersey is a technical jersey that has been run though the wind tunnel and even had new wonder product Graphene thrown at it. Alé have done everything they can to produce a jersey that won’t let you down when the mercury rises.

The fabric on the main body of the jersey has a rubbery feel to it; a bit like the Kymira jersey I reviewed. And once on, the fit is tight. Off the bike you’ll have to pay attention to your posture, otherwise your muffin-tops will show! Under the arms a softer mesh-like fabric is used, all to help keep you cool.

The cut of the VELOCITY G+ is very modern.

Long sleeves, no collar and very light. I wasn’t too keen on the low collar look when it came out, but after wearing this jersey I’m sold and of course there’s no label to rub or irritate. Alé have also included an extra flap of fabric at the top and bottom of the zip to stop any rubbing, which is a nice touch.

That tight cut isn’t just for looks either. Alé have spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel making sure that the VELOCITY G+ is as aero as they can make it. To give you an idea on sizing I’m 170cm tall, weigh 65kg, have a 80cm waist and 95cm chest and chose a size Medium.

The Alé VELOCITY G+ and I at the Battle in the Bowl
The Alé VELOCITY G+ and I at the Battle in the Bowl

Once it’s on the jersey feels….racey!

That’s how I felt putting it on. This was a jersey for race day, or big events. I used it at the Battle in the Bowl and the CX Century and it always gave me a little psychological boost when putting it on.

For such a light weight jersey – 128g on my scales – the VELOCITY G+ actually shrugged off a couple of close brushes with Sussex thorn bushes. I did worry that such a light jersey would rip at the slightest touch of a thorn, but no. There have been a couple of frayed threads on one of the rear pockets. I think this was where I was trying to stuff way too much in.

Talking of pockets…

The Alé VELOCITY G+ has the usual three across the back. There’s a discrete, zipped security pocket on the right as well. Although they don’t look that big I was able to cram enough in for a couple of six hour plus gravel rides.

I like the little details on the jersey; the black reflective graphic on the back and the fluro-yellow highlights on the pockets and the rear silicone hem. Both are nice little touches.

And what was it like wearing it in the heat? Well I figure if you’re riding in 38 degree heat and you’ve not unzipped your jersey, it’s doing its job. In the picture below I’m still fully zipped at the finish! Another nice feature is that the jersey has a UPF50+ rating, so no need to worry about loading up on the sun cream.

38 degree heat at the CX Century was the perfect test for the VELOCITY G+ jersey as the sweat marks prove!

So to sum up the Alé VELOCITY G+ is a premium summer jersey. It’s meant for fast rides in hot temperatures and it certainly ticks those boxes. You definitely won’t be breaking this jersey out on a chilly spring morning. While the inclusion of Graphene has certainly catapulted it into the top price band, it is with good reason. If you’re looking for a jersey that will give you a little extra on your next hot ride, the VELOCITY G+ should be on your list.

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