GripGrab Shoe Covers

GripGrab Shoe Covers

The mercury is falling, time to look at GripGrab shoe covers

GripGrab winter clothing will see you through autumn and winter, hardly surprising considering their Scandinavian roots. Here are some of the items we’ve reviewed previously and a quick peek at some other bits we hope to get our hands on.

Shall we start from the bottom? GripGrab have a staggering amount of shoe covers. I counted over twenty different types, covering all temperatures and conditions and the same for socks. Some may consider this overkill, but they’re probably not going out on long rides in cacky weather!

Previous reviews of GripGrab’s over shoes

If all your dealing with is rain, or short rides in the cold, then the RaceAqua shoe cover is the one. Light weight, brightly coloured and waterproof, they’re good for commuting as well.

GripGrab RaceAqua shoe covers

Let the mercury drop a bit more, add some rain, low light and you want to look at the RaceThermo covers. These brightly coloured overshoes use 4mm neoprene to keep the cold at bay.

GripGrab RaceThermo Hi-Vis
GripGrab RaceThermo Hi-Vis

Next up isn’t a shoe cover it’s GripGrab’s CyclinGaiter. This accessory adds an extra bit of height to your shoe cover, helping to stop road-spray going down your shin; a neat solution.

GripGrab CyclinGaiter over shoecover
GripGrab CyclinGaiter over shoecover

GripGrab products we like!

Looking at the GripGrab website it is difficult to choose what is the perfect shoe cover; if there is even one. Your choice will depend on the weather and what kind of ride you’re planning. The Arctic, is a waterproof deep-winter cover that has 4mm neoprene and hollow fibre insulation. Perfect for when you absolutely have to be out in filthy weather.

The GripGrab Arctic, for serious cold weather riding
The GripGrab Arctic, for serious cold weather riding

The GripGrab Aqua Shield high cut road shoe cover is a very high cut cover. Stretching halfway up your calf, they make it difficult for road spray to get in to your shoes by running down your shin. Wear a pair of GripGrab’s AquaRepel leg warmers over the top of them and stop water trickling down.

The GripGrab Aqua Shield
The Aqua Shield is a very high cut over shoe. Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab

New for 2020 is the Waterproof Knitted shoe cover; yes, that’s right, knitted! You’re probably used to neoprene, but GripGrab have made a modern version of the “Belgian Bootie”. Back in the good ol’ days, you wore one – or two – pairs of socks over your shoes. Partly to keep your feet warm and partly to keep your shoes clean; cyclists are a vain bunch!

The GripGrab knitted over shoe
The GripGrab Waterproof Knitted over shoe harks back to old school Belgian Booties

These modern booties have an insulating membrane sandwiched between a non-absorbent, stretchy yarn. As well as keeping the water out the yarn is strong enough to cope with stop-start riding in traffic. And it’s made from a PFC-free eco friendly yarn.

Take a look at GripGrab’s over shoes

So as autumn turns into winter, don’t let bad weather stop you riding. Take a look at GripGrab and see how a little Danish can keep you warm! And don’t forget it’s not just winter over shoes. GripGrab also have plenty of aero shoe covers for your summer racing. I hope to try out some more of GripGrab’s products and will let you know how I get on.

GripGrab Shoe Covers

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