Lumin8a Indicating Gloves

Lumin8a Indicating Gloves


Lumin8a Indicating Gloves


Paul Horta-Hopkins


January 2013


‘Summer races are won in the winter’ so the old adage goes. Long winter nights of training in the dark, combined with commuting to and from work make being seen a top priority. The Lumin8a Indicating Glove from Scute Design could be a useful aid in getting you safely through the toughest time of year.


Lumin8a gloves pair


The Lumin8a gloves use red LEDs, positioned on the back of your hand and activated by a cleverly positioned thumb switch, to alert drivers that you are turning. Whilst this isn’t meant to replace road sense and proper observation, the Lumin8a seems a great way of reinforcing your intentions.




The LEDs are very bright, bright enough even for daytime use and with a hidden USB charger under the velcro fastening, charging should be easy. The LEDs and the circuitry are all weather proofed – the gloves are even washable – so they should stand up to wet winter rides.


The Lumin8a gloves are a medium weight glove, that feel like they’ll be warm enough for most of the UK winter. They are currently only available in a full finger design but a short fingered version is planned, perfect for those late summer evening chaingangs.


Keep an eye out for our full review coming soon. In the meantime here’s a quick demo of how the gloves indicators work.



Scute Design


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