KYMIRA Sport PrO2 Cyclewear

KYMIRA Sport PrO2 Cyclewear

KYMIRA Sport PrO2 Cyclewear

Paul Horta-Hopkins

A review of KYMIRA Sport PrO2 Cyclewear

Kymira Sport’s PrO2 Cyclewear uses FIR radiation to improve your performance and recovery. Want to know how? Well it’s all to do with Far Infrared Radiation, which increases circulation, tissue oxygen levels, cellular metabolism and energy production. It also promotes pain relief. For a more detailed description, check my preview (here). But what is it like to wear?

The Kymira Sport PrO2 Cyclewear outfit in action at the Bucks Off Road Classic

The Kymira Sport PrO2 Cyclewear outfit in action at the Bucks Off Road Classic

I’ve been wearing Kymira Sport’s PrO2 Cyclewear over the summer, I figured I’d try and expose it to as much infrared radiation as I could. Now I’m not equipped to report on how medically effective it was, but I can tell you how it felt.

First off though let’s start off with the fit. I chose size small, I’m 170cm tall, weigh 65kg, have a 80cm waist and 95cm chest, just to give you an idea. Now for me, I found it to be a perfect ‘race fit’. It was tight enough that there was no ‘flappage’ without putting the seams under undue pressure, wouldn’t want to scare the children.

The Kymira Sport PrO2 Cyclewear jersey

The PrO2 Cyclewear jersey is made from a mix of 50% Celliant Polyester and 50% polyester and spandex. This gives it a slightly rubbery feel, not unpleasant, just different from anything I’ve worn before. Despite the tight fit there was no rubbing from the seams when I wore it without a base-layer.

Sleeves follow the current fashion and are long, with wide grippers that stay in place.  The grippers have a light silicone dot finish that don’t leave any marks and stay in place. If you are wearing a base-layer I would recommend a sleeveless one, as the tight sleeves will cause it to bunch.

There are three rear pockets of which the two outer ones are slightly angled. I wondered if this was a gimmick, but they were actually easier to get into than normal straight cut pockets.  They’re not the biggest of pockets, but I didn’t find that a problem on long rides. There was still enough room for multi-tool, mini-pump, phone, wallet and food.

The zip is full-length, with a short V-neck style collar collar. The bottom of the jersey has a silicone band to keep it in place. This combined with the fit stopped any riding up while riding.

The bib-shorts are a multi-panel design, with long perforated grippers on the legs. The ends of the legs have a thin silicone band to keep them in place, but again like the jersey the tight fit kept them in place.

The bib-shorts were cut long, with the ends reaching just above my knee. Good for keeping your legs warm and I guess that means more of the thigh muscles are being exposed to FIR. On the bike I found the Masguant CoolMax pad to be very comfortable. It handled 100 kilometres of off-road riding without any discomfort, pretty impressive. I’ve not come across this brand of pad before, but will look out for it in the future. It has three different layers of padding which all worked to provide a chafe-free ride!

Looking at the PrO2 Cyclewear outfit as a whole, I found it to be a great ‘race-day’ outfit. There was something about the feel of the material and the cut of the kit that just made you feel good. It became my default choice for big days out on the bike or any races where I could get away with non-club kit.

Due to our recent heat-wave, I wore the Kymira Sports outfit on a lot of long, hot days. Where normally I would be riding with my jersey open and tongue hanging out, I found I didn’t seem to get as hot with the PrO2 Cyclewear jersey. A couple of rides were done in temperatures hitting the high 30s and even into the 40s.  Yet I didn’t feel the need to drop the zip and being SPF35 rated there was no chance of sunburn.

As I said at the beginning I have no way of proving or disproving Kymira Sport’s FIR claims. What I can say is that out on the road the PrO2 Cyclewear kit felt like it was giving me a performance benefit. A lot of this was probably mental, it felt good on and that combined with the claimed FIR benefits was probably giving me a psychological marginal gain! But a gain is a gain, and when it feels and looks this good I’ll take it.

Take a look at the Kymira Sport website for a full run down on all their products, get the full low-down on the technology behind FIR and to buy their kit. 

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