Connex Chain Review

Connex Chain Review


Connex Chain Review


Josh Ross


A review of the Connex Chain.


I recently discussed the Campagnolo Athena gruppo for the “Do It All Bike Project”. During that discussion, I mentioned that instead of using the Campagnolo chain, which requires special tools, I went with a Connex chain. If you’ve never heard of Connex, they are a company that you should really take a look at no matter what gruppo you might be running.


It's a small thing, but the Connex chain makes tool-free changes simple
It’s a small thing, but the Connex chain makes tool-free changes simple


A lot of people seem to think you have got to go with the chain that matches the groupset you’ve got. While you certainly won’t go wrong following that philosophy, you do miss out on some great solutions from smaller companies. As an example, if you stick with only Campagnolo chains, you’ll need a unique chain tool that only works with Campagnolo. That means either purchasing it yourself or heading to the shop just for a chain change.


Look outside the Campagnolo ecosystem, though, and you’ll find some really great, innovative products. And Connex is innovative. What is really amazing about Connex chains is the Connex link. The Connex link is a specially designed link that allows you to remove your chain, with no tools, at any time and as many times as you like.


Let me just say that again. You can remove the chain, with no tools, as many times as you like. No more using chain cleaning tools and no more one time use links. Just grab it with your fingers, bend it, and release the chain. Then if you want to clean it, drop it in some cleaning solution, and shake it up.


It allows you to run a Campagnolo gruppo without ever purchasing the Campagnolo chain tools. And you aren’t giving anything up. The Connex chain will give you just as much time before a change is needed, and it costs about the same as a Chorus level chain. It’s like being offered a free beer after a long ride, no downsides.



There are times when I feel like my job is as much about telling you about unique products as it is actually testing them. Bottom line is there is nothing on the market that does what the Connex chain does, and there is no downside to using it. This is a no brainer, use the Connex chains every time on every gruppo and never think twice about it.


Connex Chains


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