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Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


Nite Ize HandleBand Review


Dan Saunders


A review of the Nite Ize HandleBand.


Just how much stuff do you REALLY need on your bike? More specifically, just how much stuff do you need on the handlebar? Sure, a light and a bell each have their place. Most of us think we need some manner of tracking our speed and/or distance as well. Many of us like to track things down to the detail, having our ride mapped out for us with a GPS system of some sort. We also tote our phones along with us as well. In a pocket. Out of the way.


Like all the best ideas the HandleBand is simplicity itself

Like all the best ideas the HandleBand is simplicity itself


For quite some time, I had a simple speedometer on my bar and tracked my rides with my phone. I was fine with this arrangement. Then I broke a wire and decided not to replace the speedometer right away. I figured I was already using my phone to track my ride and was focusing on (perceived) effort more than actual speed. Why not just utilize the phone I would be carrying and bring it up to the cockpit. This way I would have it available at all times if I ever decided I needed any at-this-moment information. I also wouldn’t have to add the weight of a GPS/speedometer back. The NiteIze HandleBand is one option for attaching your smart phone to your bars or stem.


The NiteIze Handleband is arguably one of the more simple solutions out there – one piece of silicone and just a bit of metal. But don’t be fooled by the simplistic approach! The Handleband offers a one-size-fits-most approach without being overbuilt. It can accommodate a multitude of sizes. Is your phone an HTC? Samsung? Sony? Motorola? LG? iPhone? Chances are this will be able to securely attach your phone to your bars or stem.


As you can see, the HandleBand mount can mount on any curved surface, using only its stretchy band to hold it firm

As you can see, the HandleBand mount can mount on any curved surface, using only its stretchy band to hold it firm


I have been using the HandleBand for quite some time now, and I have to say that it is a great accessory! I started out with it on the bar. This dictates a horizontal mounting of the phone. This was fine, left plenty of space on my bars for my hands and held securely through a multitude of surfaces (road and trail).


However, I use a tracking app that doesn’t display in horizontal/landscape, so I eventually put it on my stem. This created even more hand room on the top of the bars and allowed me to operate the tracking app on the go a bit more easily. As with the previous mounting, absolutely no issues with it coming loose in this configuration – the HandleBand is simply secure.


You can fix your phone in any position

You can fix your phone in any position


One of the nicest features of the simple silicone attachment is that you can move it between bikes in a matter of seconds – no tools required. After you unstrap your device, you go through the same motion under the bars and just like that, you’re ready to move to whatever bike you need. Strap it on once more and you’re ready to head out the door.


While it is absolutely meant for outdoor use, it also works perfect on the trainer. Sure, you can watch your stats if you are connected properly, but you can also save yourself lugging out the laptop to watch the latest cyclocross race from Belgium or pull up a movie such as Breaking Away – whatever it takes to keep you in the pain cave just a little bit longer.



And, of course, like any good cycling accessory, it includes a bottle opener! I know what you’re asking yourselves – Did he REALLY take the time to make sure that it works properly? Dear reader, you’ll be happy to know that I DID in fact take the time to test out the bottle opener and I am happy to report that it is fully functional. Your appreciation of my sacrifice in this endeavour is duly noted.


Are there other options out there? Sure! But the HandleBand is a simple solution, inexpensive as far as attaching options go, and it has held up very well for me through many many miles.


Nite Ize HandleBand


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