dhb SS15 Blok Clothing

dhb SS15 Blok Clothing


dhb SS15 Blok Clothing


Paul Horta-Hopkins


Preview of the dhb SS15 Blok Clothing


With the clocks going forward and the days lengthening, it won’t be long until we get the kind of weather that the dhb SS15 Blok range has been designed for.


dhb Blok
dhb Blok


Driving to the start of the Wiggle Ups and Downs sportive in a fine drizzle, I couldn’t help thinking that the weather wasn’t really what we had been hoping for the launch of the dhb SS15 Blok range, but it was spring and although wet, it wasn’t cold. So it was on with the arm-warmers and race cape and off to the start.


The dhb Blok range comes in men's and women's styles,  this is the micro style.
The dhb Blok range comes in men’s and women’s styles, this is the micro style.


The dhb SS15 Blok range comprises a short sleeve jersey with three designs in two colourways for men and women, arm warmers in two colours, shorts, socks and a cycling cap. Pretty much all you would need for riding at this time of year, maybe I would add some leg warmers and a gilet for when spring forgets itself and gets all wintry.


The SS15 Blok jerseys are “performance level kit”, which I take to mean a tighter, more athletic cut and better quality materials. The jersey material is wicking and has an anti-bacterial treatment – nice for those cafe stops on long, hot days – and a UPF 30+ protection level. So that’s you covered on hot days; you’re sweat will be wicked, what little survives will not pong and you’ll be protected from the sun’s UV – perfect!


The dhb Blok range comes in two colour ways and three designs, these are the men's versions
The dhb Blok range comes in two colour ways and three designs; these are the men’s versions


The jersey comes with three rear pockets, plus a smaller zipped one. A full length zip helps keep things warm or cool, and a silicone hem will stop it riding up. The designs are all based around a plus sign, in various scales and colours. I chose the micro size on a white background, with fluoro orange; great for getting noticed and the shorts matched my bike!


The shorts come with bright, coloured borders that cleverly avoid the need for hems that leave those deep indentations that scream ‘CYCLIST!’. dhb do this by attaching a folded piece of material midway up the thigh, this gives a nice finished end to the short, nicer in my opinion than the laser cut finish which a lot of more expensive shorts are going for. This has a light silicone grip to it which should hold everything in place. The pad is a CyTech Elastic Interface ‘Giro Air’ chamois.


The dhb Blok women's range has less jerseys, but an extra short choice
The dhb Blok women’s range has less jerseys, but an extra short choice


Blok Macro arm warmers and dhb Lightweight socks finished off my wardrobe for the day. Once I’ve ridden these in the weather they are designed for, I’ll let you know how I get on with them.


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