Castelli SanRemo Thermosuit

Castelli SanRemo Thermosuit


Castelli SanRemo Thermosuit


Posted 11th October 2012


Get ready for those winter miles with the Castelli SanRemo Thermosuit


Well its that time of year when every ride becomes increasingly difficult to judge in terms of what the weather will throw at us and therefore exactly what we should be wearing.


Fortunately, clothing tech has moved on at a pace since the 90’s when we used to have the most ridiculously bulky winter kit – the usual ensemble back then included multiple layers of so called ‘base’ layers topped off with thick neoprene jackets that became stiff as cardboard after a while, making movement a bit of an ordeal.


So here’s the latest innovation for your winter wardrobe promising the freedom and lightweight associated with summer cycling kit, the Castelli SanRemo ThermoSuit.


It is basically an all in one training suit for those cold winter days and apparently, down to about 3°C, you will only need a single base layer underneath and that’s it, which isn’t bad.


Now we all probably have separates in our kit collection that affords similar cold weather protection but this is clever because by joining the bib tights and top together, Castelli are able to form a ‘seal’ around the rider, keeping the warm air in and cold air out.


Obviously you still perspire (OK men, sweat) and so to cope with this they have used advanced, technical materials to make sure the suit is breathable and that moisture can be wicked away. Obviously there’s a quality seat pad in the tights to keep everything comfortable.



Its windproof and splashproof but is not fully waterproof, which would be the ultimate, though I am sure that the ingenious engineers have that one in hand as Castelli are the leaders in this style of re-thinking of cycling clothing design.


In the first video below ex-pro and Castelli Product Manager, Stefano Giraldi, goes through the advantages of the Castelli SanRemo ThermoSuit.


They also do a summer version, the SanRemo Speedsuit, as worn by Johan Van Summeren to a win at Roubaix in 2011 (as shown in the second short video) and a cyclo-cross specific version.


The suggested retail prices are:
UK: £250
Europe: €279,95
USA: $349.99





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