KTM Revelator 5000

KTM Revelator 5000


KTM Revelator 5000


By Duncan Moore


Swapping leather for lycra with the KTM Revelator 5000


Life can be strange at times. I’ve known about KTM as a manufacturer of motorbikes for years, but I’ve only recently discovered that the company makes bicycles too.


Now, what makes this strange to me is that the company has been making bicycles for 50 years, and that the current range is more than 240 strong, covering road, hybrid, mountain, children’s bikes and even electric bikes with prices from £399 for a base mountain bike up to £5,999 for the range-topping carbon road bike.


The carbon road bike you’re looking at here – the Ultegra equipped Revelator 5000 – sits in the middle of the carbon road range and retails for £1,999.


So just what do you get for as near as damn it £2k? Well, I’ll start with the obvious, the carbon frame and fork package. The frame is KTM’s R: 1485 and is completely on trend, with everything you would expect from a top-end carbon frame present and correct… Read More >









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