Spiuk Brios shoes

Spiuk Brios shoes



Spiuk Brios shoes


Words by Paul Hopkins


March 2013


Spiuk – that’s pronounced ‘spook’ apparently – are a Spanish company producing cycling shoes, helmets, clothing and glasses. We have a pair of their Brios shoes that we will be testing.


The Spiuk Brios are a mid range shoe and replace the previous ZS11R. They come with a ratchet type closure and a single velcro strap across the mid-foot. Spiuk also provide an extra, 20mm longer ratchet strap for wider feet. They come in sizes 37-49 and two colours red with black inners or as ours, white with red inners. Claimed weight is 645g, but ours came out at 623g.


Spiuk Brios looking pristine
Spiuk Brios looking pristine


The Brios have heat mouldable uppers, which should provide for a bit more customisation. Spiuk say this is optional and can be done by placing them in your oven for 15 minutes at 65ºC. Once they’re ready pop them on and mould them around your foot. They’ll need to cool for 20 minutes and Spiuk recommend doing this while ‘pedalling gently on a roller’!


The Brios use a fibreglass and polyamide sole, drilled for Look and Spd type cleats. The sole has vents at the front and along the middle of the foot, to allow air into the shoe. The sole also has non-replaceable toe and heal bumpers to protect it while off the bike.


The Spiuk Brios use a Polyamide and glass-fibre sole
The Spiuk Brios use a Polyamide and glass-fibre sole


With all that sole ventilation going on, Spiuk have added two types of insole, one labeled ‘warm’ and the other ‘cool’. The cool sole has a waffle type under-side that is meant to allow cool air in, while the warm sole has a closed surface. The current cold spell will allow us to try out the warm sole.


Warm and cool soles are provided, this spring we'll need the warm!
Warm and cool soles are provided, this spring we’ll need the warm!


The overall feel is of a quality shoe and the fit is nice and roomy around the toes. I’m a 43 and the 43 Brios feels spot on while off the bike, a few long rides should see if that comfort translates to the bike. The only problem is that with the current weather, the Spiuk Brios will have to covered by booties, which is a shame as they are such a good looking pair of shoes, roll on the summer.


Brios Website



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