Spiuk Brios Shoes

Spiuk Brios Shoes


Spiuk Brios Shoes


Words by Paul Hopkins


A shoe review is always going to be a difficult one to write; one man’s carpet slipper is another man’s Spanish Boot (look it up; pleasant it wasn’t). Notwithstanding that, I was looking forward to trying out the Spiuk Brios, as years of racing in tight Italian racing shoes – tightened to the max of course – had gifted me with a fine pair of corns that my small children happily danced upon at every opportunity. The Brios looked like they might offer salvation in the form of a more forgiving shape.


As well as the chance of saving my poor feet, the Spiuk Brios were going to brighten up my wardrobe. For years I’ve worn black shoes. There’s been the odd dalliance with colour; some silver (well, grey really), and who could forget the neon yellow and blue 90’s fashion mistake, comfortable though they were? No, the Brios were the chromatic opposite of my usual choice. White, with a bright red inner. At least the soles are black… Read More >






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