SRAM 11 Speed

SRAM 11 Speed



SRAM Red to go 11 speed?


April 2013


With Campagnolo and Shimano both sporting 11 speed groupsets it seemed odd for SRAM to be hanging on to 10, well that all may be about to change…


SRAM have just launched a short 22 second video that drops some pretty heavy hints that they are about to go 11 speed. The video offers no definite claims, no release dates just a series of number 22s (2 times 11…), a possible logo and some stills of an eleven speed cassette.


SRAM 11 speed?
SRAM 11 speed?


SRAM already have an 11 speed MTB groupset called XX1 and Zipp wheels, who are part of the SRAM group, already have 11 speed compatible wheels. So all the clues are there and rumours have been flying around for a while, which seems to make it clear that SRAM will make an announcement soon, possibly at this month’s Sea Otter Classic in California.


You may also remember we ran an article on some keen SRAM users who were creating their own SRAM 11 speed levers, with some clever McGuiver’ing. Not that we like to brag.


There are a couple of caveats attached to this news however; first off the date. April the 1st. We’ll say no more on that one, but we wouldn’t put it past those jolly chaps at SRAM to pull a fast one. Second, if you look at the spacing of the two smallest cogs on the cassette it does seem to be wider than the rest. A case of two cogs being plonked on top of a cassette to give the appearance of a SRAM 11 speed cassette?


With officials at SRAM refusing to comment either way we’ll have to wait and see. Now that we’ve excited and warned you watch the video and see what you think.



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