Ritchey Road Logic

Ritchey Road Logic


Ritchey Road Logic


Words by Tim Granshaw


It’s been 15 years since I raced a steel road frame. My last steel bike was a custom Steelman, a frame I still own. It hangs in the rafters waiting for some new paint and my retirement from racing. Since that frame, every bike I’ve owned was either aluminium or, for the last 8 years, carbon. Every year my race bike got a little lighter and, with the last two at UCI weight limit, became stiff enough for a track sprinter. But something happened in the quest for maximum weight loss, ultimate slipperiness, and maximum stiffness: bikes lost a little soul.


Today, most bicycle frames aren’t welded, aligned, and filed by a few men working in small, well-lit workshops. Now, engineers using layers of carbon fabric, operating high-tech machinery, manufacture most bicycles in large factories. The Ritchey Road Logic frameset is a throwback to the old-school with some high-tech tweaks that make it a joy to ride. … Read More >


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