Remerx Master Disc Wheelset

Remerx Master Disc Wheelset


Remerx Master Disc Wheelset


The Remerx Master Disc wheels arrived here at a time when we constantly seem to be having the same debate: whether disc-braked ‘road’ wheels will be confined to cyclo-cross for the foreseeable future or if the road disc brake revolution is just around the corner? SRAM certainly seem to believe that its inevitable, and Shimano have a system in testing, but much depends on the decision of the UCI and whether pro riders are allowed to use disc brakes. Even if they are, you have to wonder if they will actually use them? If pro cyclo-cross riders are anything to go by, then we cannot even guarantee that…


Whilst you can make money selling disc brake ready wheels for cyclocross, the real money, as with SRAM’s Red hydraulic 22 groupset, lies in the huge road market. However, there may be another section of the road market for which disc brakes are perfect now; winter training wheels. It makes a lot of sense, solving the issue of rim wear when continually braking on wet and dirty, wintry roads. Remerx Rims think that this could be a growing market but for now, most riders buying road wheels with disc brakes will be buying them for use off-road. With that in mind Mark Tearle tests the Remerx Master Disc wheels… Read More >


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