Kuhl Ride Racer Saddle

Kuhl Ride Racer Saddle


Kuhl Ride Racer Saddle


Words by Dan Saunders


The Kuhl Ride saddle, recently on Kickstarter, claims to be “the smoothest ride available for bicycling enthusiasts. Does it live up to the hype? Or is it just full of (hot) air?


Well, to be perfectly honest, it is full of air! …but in a good way. The main idea behind the Kuhl Ride saddle is that the cyclist’s posterior is saved from the bumps and thumps experienced on the road or trail by having a variable pressure cushion of air instead of some mix of carbon fiber, plastic, foam, and gel.


To achieve this, a small patent pending thumb-actuated pump is mounted to the underside of a metal platform that forms the base of the saddle. The cushion comes from an air bladder that sits on top of the metal platform which is then wrapped in a perforated material that is meant to allow for airflow through the center of the saddle.


All of these elements come together to make a saddle that doesn’t look too odd from the top and only really causes a second glance when the pump is seen (generally from a side view)… Read More >


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