Lizard Skins Bar Tape

Lizard Skins Bar Tape



Lizard Skins Bar Tape


April 2013


Words by Simon Whiten


“Its the little things that make the biggest difference” is an oft-used expression and in this instance its true.


Lizard Skins Bar Tape
Lizard Skins Bar Tape


I have never been a fussy one when it comes to bar tape, neither in type or colour, but certain teammates of mine are a bit more choosy. One in particular has been hassling me to try his favourite brand of bar tape – Lizard Skins – for a while now and so I finally gave in and gave it a go.


I got the Durasoft Polymer (DSP) 2.5mm thick bar tape in blue for which Lizard Skins claim ‘excellent durability, increased shock absorption and great feel in any condition’ which so far I have to say, I’d agree with.


Lizard Skins bar tape unpacked
Lizard Skins bar tape unpacked


Revelation is perhaps a bit of a strong word but it is amazingly good stuff. The 2.5mm thickness is designed to give a bit of extra comfort and it seems to work. It is also so tactile; extra grippy, soft and just feels so much better than anything I have ever used before.


If you’d have said to me before that such a simple thing could make such a big difference to the way I feel on the bike I’d have told you where to go. But it does! It just makes you feel better about grabbing the bars.


Lizard Skins on the bike
Lizard Skins on the bike


Clever touches like the locking tapes being made of the same material – like small strips of mini bar tape – make you take a bit of extra care when fitting.


I didn’t weigh it myself but Lizard Skins claim that at 56 grams per set including bar end plugs, that the DSP is the lightest bar tape there is. Its also available in a good range of bike paint job matching colours…


Lizard Skins bar tape
Lizard Skins bar tape


My only concern is that the durability claims are correct as it is expensive at £27.99 retail per roll. So far though its also been easy to clean, shows no sign of wear and I’ve not had any maintenance issues.


Mainly though using this stuff is all about the feel of it; how it feels and how it makes you feel. Like any upgrade it gives you a psychological boost but with this particular upgrade you also get a tactile boost as well.


Despite the price I think it will find its way onto a few more of my bikes…


Lizard Skins Website


Lizard Skins UK (2Pure)




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