Cav’s Signature Oakleys

Cav’s Signature Oakleys



Cav’s Signature Oakleys


April 2013


How does the leading brand of cycling glasses ensure it retains its number one position? Get Mark Cavendish, the fastest road sprinter on the planet, to endorse it…or better still create a unique pair of shades for him – introducing Cav’s Signature Oakleys…


In this video, Mark Cavendish apparently checks out his new Oakley Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ glasses for the very first time. Whether or not it is actually the first time he sees them, its a nice little video showing the sprint sensation up close.


Enthusiastic, proud and believable, he does a great job of selling the glasses to us. He must be a sponsors dream, as not only does he win races like they are going out of fashion, but he is also an interesting character and you can see his infectious personality shine through, a factor which when combined with his blistering sprint, must make it easier for teammates to sacrifice themselves for him in the leadout.


Oakley Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™
Oakley Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™


As for the shades themselves, not only do you get the Cavendish Green frames, Cav’s favourite two Path shaped lenses with venting (Jade Iridium® and G40™), and of course the obligatory Microclear™ case and glasses wiper complete with image of Cav mid-victory salute, but Cav’s glasses include an Oakley cycling cap made by Rapha…


“A cycling cap is a sweat barrier, wind deflector, sun screen and more, but I wear one to honor the heritage of the sport and the riders from those early years who laid the foundation for cycling to become what it is today,” Cav said. “They’ll always be part of the peloton.”


What more do you need? If only Christmas was in May this year…


Oakley Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ Case and Cycling Cap
Oakley Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ Case and Cycling Cap


We’d be surprised if you don’t want a pair these by the end of the video. We definitely want a pair – each!



Obviously they are not cheap… They retail for $280 from the Oakley Website or £205 from Oakley UK.


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